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CNY Soapmakers 2004 Gathering

Fourth Annual Central New York Soapmakers Gathering
July 10, 2004 - Stuyvesant, NY
MANY sincere thank-yous to the generous suppliers who sponsored our fourth annual gathering by sending donations! We encourage you to patronize these businesses in return for their kindness!

A-1 Gel Candles & Supplies
Gift certificates for a fragrance bead starter kit

A Little Ol' Factory
Thirty sample packages of specialty salts; 10 sun- and wind-dried sea salts, extra coarse; 10 Hawaiian 'Alaea red sea salts, coarse; 10 Orsa pink "real" salts, fine

Acorn Soap 'n' Candle Supply
Forty samples of glow-in-the-dark powder, 10 percent off coupons, and two flexible petroglyph molds

Adriatico USA
Thirty-five folders with price lists and business cards

Shea Butter Fair Trade by Agbanga Kariti
Thirty samples of unrefined shea butter in organza bags; two gift certificates good for two pounds of pure unrefined shea butter

Assured Organics, Inc.
One-ounce samples of virgin organic coconut oil; two brochures; two business cards

Bags Plus
One hundred 2.5x1x6 cellophane bags; 100 3x1.75x6.75 cellophane bags; 100 12x9 handled, zippered bags; six brochures

Bass Flexible Packaging Co.
Thirty-five sample packs containing: four shrink bands, dome and straight shrink bags, cellophane bags, plain and designed poly bags, 35 notepads and pens, 150 boxed matches, and business cards.

Bath Wicks
Twenty soap bags, four ounces of each fragrance oil: coconut, Beijing jasmine, morning glory, and Dixieland

Eighty one-ounce water-based and oil-based extracts in dropper bottles; folders; business cards

Bramble Berry, Inc.
Four-ounce Santa Spruce and Mayan Gold, eight-ounce Vetiver, Almond Biscotti, Vanilla Coconut, Tuberose Moss, and Soapy Clean fragrance oils

Burch Bottle
Gift bags, each containing: eight-ounce cobalt PETE bottles with fine mist sprayer, 10 ml. perfume cylinders with roller ball, 1/4-oz. slip cover tin, 15 percent off coupon, catalog, and price list

Thirty sample kits including: Votive molds, six votive wicks, lavender splash fragrance oil, melt-and-pour soap blocks, candle wax, creative ideas booklets and catalogs, and booklets

Chase Holding Co., Inc.
Single-cavity dragonfly on a leaf molds

Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd.
Thirty 1/4-oz. samples of peppermint essential oil and business cards

Coe & Dru
Wooden crate, balsam wood soap dish, handled wooden basket, wood bucket, terra cotta bowl, long willow basket with handle, willow soap dish, white willow heart basket, silver wire heart, tree bark double basket, galvanized bucket, galvanized tub, and 35 catalogs

Colors 4U
Basic 12 dyes (for 8 oz.) in presentation case; coupons for 15 percent off next purchase, 20 percent off basic 12 dye sets (for 16 oz./20 ml size), and 20 percent off either size of LaBomb dye sets

Columbus Foods
92-degree coconut oil cube gift certificate

CPS Container & Packaging Supply, Inc.
Thirty-five 4-oz. single-wall clear PET oval jars with 70-400 gold PP dome lids and catalogs

Create for Less
Brochures and free shipping coupons

Creekside Soaps and Supplies for the Soapmaker
Four-pound molds and straight cutters

Della Terra Naturals ~ Beauty of Science
Forty mink oil samples with business cards and one pound of pure virgin karanja oil

Desert Whale Jojoba Company, Inc.
Thirty-five samples of jojoba meal 10/24, 35 1/2-oz. samples of jojoba meal 24/60 that can be used as an exfoliant in soaps, and bookmarks

Eden Botanicals
2 oz. premium dark amber, 2 oz. pure and simple, 12 samples pure and simple, 7 samples of dark amber, and catalogs

Elements Bath & Body
Forty gift bags, each containing samples of: Pipettes, mini salt tubes, lavender buds, red rose buds and petals, peppermint leaves, apricot kernel pits, ground flaxseed, and a 10 percent off coupon good through 8/15/04

Emporium Naturals
Three gift certificates for 2-4 oz. bottles of essential oil blends, winner's choice, with shipping included

Essential Wholesale
Flyers with a 10 percent online coupon off unscented bases, 34 lip balm samples, one gallon of spearmint tingle gel, and business cards

Florida Soap Supplies
Foaming bath butter base, two 1-oz. bottles of sweet orange essential oil, six samples of lemon peel, French white clay, and purple jojoba spheres

From Nature with Love

Two catalogs, a $30 gift certificate, one pound of shealoe butter, 30 samples of fragrance oils, and a 5 percent off discount code

GloryBee Foods, Inc.
Thirty-five catalogs and 35 pumice stones

Green Fire Herbs
A vinyl tote with 1/4 oz. each of: rosehips, lavender, peppermint, beet root powder, alkanet root, eucalyptus, lemon balm, lemongrass, pink rose petals, spearmint, and one each of pink kaolin, red kaolin, yellow kaolin, and red Moroccan and French green clays

Green Girl Basics

A $40 gift certificate

Ideal Molds
Five 25$ gift certificates

Lasting Impressions

Two hair glossing spray kits, 35 samples of hair glossing spray in pocket misters with formula, and 15 percent off coupons on an order of $20 or more, which expires October 10, 2004

Mint Meadow Country Oils
Two $25 gift certificates, 35 assorted oxide samples, pink and blue ultramarine, violet, burgundy, yellow, green, teal, and black, peppermint candies, 35 samples of stress relief essential oil blends

Nashville Wraps
Thirty-five gathering bags, two catalogs, one gift pack of bags and boxes, 35 4x6 shrink bags, 35 3x3x2 kraft boxes, and 35 3x4 lavender organza bags

Nature's Bouquet, Inc.
Twenty 1/2 oz. bottles of assorted fragrance oils and two one-pound containers of multibase

Nature's Garden

Flyers and a gift bag containing: a magnetic business card, one pound of joy wax, six poly votive molds, 10 plastic tealight cups, two pounds opaque white melt-and-pour soap base, 1 oz. liquid blue soap dye, 1 lb. goat's milk multi-use creme base, four 8 oz. bullet pump bottles, 1 oz. ritzy bath gel and ritzy lotion, 1 oz. kiwi, creme brulee, mango-papaya, and vanilla pear fragrance oils

Nu Scents Candle
Sample packs with a bottle of premium lotion base and bath & body shower suds

Nyah Beauty
Nickel-top bath salt tubes for each attendee

Oak Court Creations

One gallon of premium lotion base, silk novelty samples, and circle air fresheners for every attendee

One Planet Natural

Pendergrass, Inc.
Catalogs, two relaxing results gift packs containing: exfoliating mitt, nylon exfoliating sponge, compection net, pedicure groomer, eyelid mask and carrying case; two cozy relaxation gift packs containing: boucle exfoliator, nail brush, complection net, body lotion, and a carrying case

Pouch Depot
Thirty-five organza pouches with a Buddha and business cards

Three gift certificates for 100 heat-sealable packets: 25 small silver, 25 silver #3125, 25 white $3450, and 25 large clear/silver

Rainbow Meadow, Inc.
4 oz. alkanet root powder, 4 oz. slippery elm bark powder, 4 oz. red sandalwood powder, 4 oz. patchouli leaf powder, 8 oz. dried white ceremonial sage, 1 oz. Bulgarian geranium essential oil, 2 oz. Bulgarian lavender essential oil, 2 oz. pink grapefruit essential oil, 2 oz. tea tree essential oil, 2 oz. coriander essential oil, 10 ml. Synergy - Soul Center essential oil mix, 10 ml. Synergy Dreamcatcher essential oil mix, 70 assorted essential oil samples, 35 catalogs, and 35 magnetic business cards

RainShadow Labs
Thirty-five samples of body butter creme in a double-walled jar, 35 catalogs, and one gallon each of all-purpose gel and all-purpose lotion

Rian 2 Products
Brochures, two gift packs including a wooden 5x5 crate, two red cedar soap decks, a pen, and a business card

Rogue River Soaps & Supplies
A set of 12 liquid FD&C water-based dyes and business cards

Scenter Stage
Brochures, 2 oz. each of ginger spice, Carolina rain, dragon's blood, raspberry, and cherry-almond fragrance oils

Scents for Soy
Fragrance oils, 20 2 oz. assorted, 16 oz. jasmine vanilla, 16 oz. clean cotton, 16 oz. cranberry spice, 8 oz. love spell, and 8 oz. afterglow

Scents & Supplies
Thirty-seven mixed samples of grapefruit lily, canteloupe lily, vanilla pear, candied melon, pomegranate, sweet orange, sweet dreams, and vanilla sandalwood fragrance oil with business cards

Brochures, 11 SP48 RTV silicone molds: 3 nautilus shell two-cavity, 1 seashell, and 7 flower molds

Simple Soothings
Business cards, 35 1 oz. samples of lotion base, 8 oz. Tudor rose fragrance oil, 8 oz. green tea fragrance oil, and 2 8 oz. bottles of Herbal Essence fragrance oils

Soap 'n' Candles
$100, $50, and $25 gift certificates with no expiration date

Soap Supplies & Candle Supplies
Four $25 gift certificates, two three-pound cutter combo molds ($24.50 value), 1/2 oz. samples of fragrance oils

Forty lotion samples, 40 1/4 oz. fragrance oil samples, three Milky Way two-chambered heart molds, 3 Milky Way crane molds

Soapies Supplies

A $25 gift certificate and $10 Soapies Bucks good off a $40 or more purchase in July and August for every attendee

Southern Belle Soaps
A gift bag containing 2 oz. of each fragrance oil: jade, fresh linen, and vanilla sugar, beeswax pastilles, 1/2 oz. soap dye, a sample of coconut lime verbena fragrance oil, and business cards

Sunfeather Natural Soap Company
Thirty-five $10 gift certificates

A $30 gift certificate and offering a $15 discount

Synergy Scents
Thirty-five 1 oz. bottles of: witch hazel, cornflower, chamomile, cucumber, or rosemary extracts with information cards

Taylored Concepts
A $25 gift certificate

The Buying Group
A $25 gold membership; may also be applied to a portion of a platinum membership

The Candlemakers' Store

Thirty-five label sample packs and 12 candle sets which include: 16 oz. glass flat lid apothecary jar and five assorted 1 oz. fragrance oils

The Essential Oil Company
Five pounds Jamaican Gold coconut oil and catalogs

The Herbarie
Coupons in the amount of $10 off a $30 or more purchase for every attendee

The Essential Herbal
Thirty-five magazines

The Scent Shack
Price lists, 4 oz. each fragrance oil: cedarwood, hyacinth, black tea and rose, and spiced plum

The Soap Dish
Hair conditioning kit and 35 1 oz. samples of aloe vera oil with business cards

The Soap Jar
A $30 gift certificate

The Soap Saloon
4 oz. each of milk & honey, wildflower, and rose petals fragrance oils and business cards

To Die For
Ten lavender and 10 gold organza boa-trimmed bags, 1 gallon conditioning shampoo base, 1 gallon Super Creme conditioner base, 100 assorted samples of cyclomethicone, grapeseed oil, sodium lactate, shea butter, kokum butter, and business cards

Tony's Fragance Oils/Southern Garden Soaps
Thirty-five sample packs including: 1 oz. conditioning emulsifier, 1 oz. dimethicone, 3 long vials of fragrance oil samples and 1 short vial fragrance oil sample; gift bag containing: 8 oz. rosehip oil, 8 oz. Melissa pear and 8 oz. midnight orchard fragrance oils, 4 oz. T-50 mixed tocopherols, and 4 oz. meadowfoam seed oil

T.V. Guilfoil & Associates, Inc.
Three sets of apothecary jars - 26, 16, 10, and 5 oz. with metal lids

U.S. Box Corp.
Thirty-five clear vinyl cosmetic drawstring 6x12 bags and catalogs with 33 percent off discounts

Thirty-seven zippered, gusseted cosmetic bags

Western Plastics Corp.

Wisteria Lane
A gift bag containing 1 lb. each mango butter melt-and-pour, completion melt-and-pour, extra hard melt-and-pour, and discount coupons good for a free 4 oz. soap trio with $20 purchase

Woodland Marketing
Forty catalogs and D301 5' 3-paneled, 3-shelved display unit, $89 value

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